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"The FASTEST and EASIEST WAY for anyone to start making money online is through affiliate marketing because they do not need to create a salespage, develop a product, setup funnels, etc. And to get started, ClickBank products would be ideal as digital products commonly pay out 50% commission per sale! Just promote and start earning - good news is, I'm going to teach you how to do this and becoming a top affiliate marketer." - Patric Chan, ClickBank Platinum of 7 Years
More Than 2,892 Customers Have Been Documented To Make Money Online And They Collectively Generated Over A Million Dollar Of Commissions By Using Our Proven System.

My name is Patric Chan and I would like to share with you how I’ve helped more than 2,892 people to make money online with ClickBank, generating over a million-dollar of commissions collectively.

If you haven't heard of before, it's arguably the #1 “affiliate marketplace” for digital products. Even the Rich Dad brand has used the platform to launch its digital product. 

So, if you want to start earning commissions as an affiliate marketer, ClickBank is the best place to start. TOP MARKETERS are using ClickBank and the highest-earning affiliate's has hit $981,000 in 30 days. 

You see, I have been making money online successfully with Clickbank, since 2004. I’ve been using a proven way of making money online and I'm really pleased to announce that it has been generating auto-pilot income for me, EVERY DAY without fail. 

And today, you are on the right webpage – because I'm going to give you my entire CB Passive Income Training for absolutely FREE.

Yes - THE ENTIRE TRAINING, where my customers paid $297 to get access to it.

At the same time, many folks would claim to a ClickBank expert too and try to sell their "systems". Some will show you their income screenshots, but come on - it's not year 2010 anymore, we all know those can be faked or fabricated. 

Here's something that can't be faked or fabricated, unless, ClickBank is conspiring with me (which totally doesn't make sense for a $300M/year revenue company to do)...

I Am The Top 1% In ClickBank!

Not Only That I'm Awarded With The Platinum Status, I've Been A ClickBank Platinum Partner For 7 YEARS.

I'm guessing that any smart person would know that it takes a SYSTEM to be as consistent as this and it's impossible to be awarded 7 years in a row if it's hype, right?
Years ago, ClickBank sent me a paper certificate. In 2019, they mailed me a plated-certificate. That's how long I've been with them. And here below's the latest one for 2020...
I was also the co-organizer for the first ever, ClickBank Asia as well as being the speaker.
When our students use the CB Passive Income system, they start to generate affiliate sales quickly! 
The CB Passive Income is such a powerful system, it even appeared in, where it was mentioned that it has helped an affiliate marketer to make over $12,000.
The truth is, there's not enough space for me to put details of our 2,892 customers here who made sales from our previous versions, here's a glimpse...
Each year, students continue to make money with ClickBank by using our system...
We have so many grateful customers - here are some of them over the years...
Another happy customer with version 5.0, Ryan DiParisi...
Our System Was So Good... 
... Other Unethical Marketers Were Using Our Brand To STEAL Traffic From Us!
Because of its massive success, we have also ended up with thousands of clickbait videos on YouTube and fake reviews in Google in an attempt to "steal" CB Passive Income's brand.

Go ahead and search for "CB Passive Income Review" on Google.

Not only millions of searches (as of this writing, it shows 2.59 million searches) will appear for it, there are thousands of blog posts and videos "reviewing" it and unfortunately, some are making fake reviews.
It makes me chuckle when I see this low-level tactic used by cheap and desperate marketers, badmouthing others just to make some money.

Like the above who said he sent 14,000 clicks over. You got to be kidding me. If a dude like him can drive so many visitors, he wouldn't be wasting time hammering other people's product on his website - he would be spending his time to make a fortune for himself. Because at that level, he would be known as a Super Affiliate. "NORMAL PEOPLE" can't generate 14,000 clicks and doesn't convert.

This is what they're actually doing with our brand:

They'll create negative reviews, acting like good Samaritans - wanting to help people. And then, they'll promote their own offers to you instead.

"Clever", right? Maybe, but that's sooooo "low". 

If you don't believe me, check it out yourself. Every single "negative review" will promote SOMETHING ELSE of their own stuff. :)

But how could this help them to get free traffic? Well... it's called, "clickbait". 

Have you ever searched for something that you like, but it turns out to be something else?  That's a clickbait. They do that all the time on YouTube.

You see, CB Passive Income was previously listed as the #1 Affiliate Marketing product in ClickBank.

With so much exposure we're having...

These cheap marketers are just leveraging on the search engine's searches related to the key phrases of "CB Passive Income" and "Patric Chan", which are both our brands, to tap in to those who are innocently doing the research in Google. :)
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Debunking The Myths Told By The Gurus...

Myth #1: You Need Credibility To Become A Top ClickBank Affiliate

Not really. What you need is a BRAND. A Product Creator needs credibility - an affiliate doesn't necessarily need that because an affiliate's job is just to "convince" the prospect to check out the product (with credibility).

Myth #2: The Internet Marketing Niche In ClickBank Is Too Competitive

It's so-called "competitive" because that's the niche that will generate passive income and also, massive income for you! It's probably the easiest niche market because there are simply so many products to promote as an affiliate and there are so many angles to promote an offer in this niche!

Myth #3: Email Marketing Is Dead

This is probably said by a "Guru" who sends out an email with the subject, "Email Marketing Is Dead" so that he can promote something else to you. Yet, he is using EMAIL to reach you. 

To be fair, it's less effective compared to the early days but if you are in the right niche market, such as the internet marketing niche market, it's very much alive and working super well! Simply because WE still check emails every day.
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