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What Is CB Passive Income Elite?
In 2013, I’ve launched the CB Passive Income License Program.

With that, customers will be able to license my entire system so that they’ll be able to make a passive income. It’ll allow them to literally clone my entire business and I’ll “work” for them to make money online. 

It’s an extremely large system. The customer will get our clone software, promotional training courses, lead capture system, etc.

Fast forward to 2018, we released version 5.0, where the customers will be able to clone by PROVEN FUNNELS.

And in 2019, we've closed down the original CB Passive Income to release THE ELITE, which is the system that solve all of the flaws of the previous version and enhance it with coaching.
I know it sounds really bias for me to say this, but this is REALLY AN AWESOME product. I take a lot of pride in providing this to the market and helping many others to start making passive income.

And hundreds of newbies made their first sales by just using this system! 

On top of that, many experienced marketers are using it to make passive income for themselves. 
I’m blessed that the product was a massive success – even after many years, CB Passive Income License Program is still listed #1 for Clickbank’s Affiliate Marketing product...
It’s definitely a great product, otherwise, these JV partners wouldn’t have participated in the earlier versions launches…
The benefits of participating in this 2019 ultimate version:
Earn 50% For A $497 Offer!
I know JV partners and affiliates do not solely choose a product to promote based on the commission that they’ll make. But I think it’s very important that you can make as much money as possible when promoting!

Instead of earning $20 or $30 commissions, you'll get to earn over $220 per sale when you get an affiliate sale for the Elite.
Additional Bonus Commission: 
40% On The Internet to Income Insider $100/Month
Earn 40% commission for this $100 per month for a 12-month program that we also have! We do not include as an upsell simply because we don't want the customer to be overwhelmed. But throughout the follow up, we'll also be introducing this coaching program called, the Internet to Income Insider after they have completed the Elite and you'll also earn commissions for it!
Why Promote?
In summary, this is an awesome product to be involved with, where you’ll be genuinely helping others to start off their internet businesses and in return, you can make lots of commission, including a recurring passive income.

Here are the other reasons…

Top Quality Product - You can be assured of its quality and expect the very best customer service – thus, HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

It has also proven to convert and generated over 2 million dollars. 

I can understand that it’s unlikely for you to know of my background. But having said that, I’ve been doing internet marketing for 15 years now and became an internet millionaire. My products have been previously promoted by Shawn Casey, Jeremy Gislason, Anik Singal, Ewen Chia, Matt Bacak, Dan Kennedy Online, Gary Ambrose, Peng Joon and many other “veteran” Gurus in the past. My printed book, Clicking Cash is co-authored with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Cash In A Flash, Multiple Streams of Income and many more.

We use ClickBank – With Clickbank.com, you don’t need to “wait” for your commission to clear because you’ll get checks twice a month. Secondly, you may know that ClickBank has now become very strict whilst approving products – this way, you can rest assured you’re promoting a good scam-free, genuine home-biz product.

I can also promote your product. If you're a top producing affiliate and you also have a good product, I can also be your affiliate.
Testimonial from Anik Singal, founder of Lurn Inc
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